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Well - where to start. I had a strict upbringing - never talk about sex - always said it was dirty Then I got married, had children, etc, etc, and enjoyed life. Both had worked very hard - and sex life was fine - if you are in the room once a week missions, such as , however - a night that changed - it had been, had a meal and then when porn303 back home - fun began. While fun, I asked M what I fantasized porn303 about ! What to do for a while - made me feel warm - and I snapped on the announcement of Toyota - not the car ! - The swinging with the party. I knew he liked it and I thought once too. The two talked about sex with me saying that I wanted two men at once. He liked that, although one of the guys are looking for so long as we did the same with another girl! It was so erotic night, as we have described both what we would do A week later, M house and asked me if I porn303 liked the night and would love to repeat. I said yes, although you have the next question! that - porn303 ' You want to do really,' that was safe, although the idea was attractive surprised. M was working in a hospital with a good friend ( R), we knew from the club staff. He was married to (S), and although I did not know very well - it seemed fine. ' What do you mean M?' I asked '' Well, the other night, really seemed to turn and I talked about the whole dirty R. RS it is something that once was a swingers club - even known anyone so fun. R asked porn303 me if it's something that we would or not, ' I could not answer - not to be correct at this time - perhaps nervous or perhaps remain fantasies fantasy The next morning - my head was clear - 'then M - how or leave it with R and then' ', I said talk to you and see what happens,' 'and S ' -. I asked ' and wanted to put RS then from there, things not really wanted to be with a partner they knew they were nervous but stop in meetings with foreigners - that 's about it, maybe. ' Whiteand that you ask? '- Said he ' Well, I still like the idea of the whole - although it would not touch the other girl - I'll say that now, ' ' OK '- says M -' . I'll see what R says, if we work today, the text will be ' work in the same hospital M does. I had forgotten me, because they can not have cell phones at work. In any case, the break in the afternoon made ​​the phone message - 1 unread 'Game on. porn303 ! - Want to join us, ' I was happy, he became nervous and probably thousands of other emotions here I was about to hit a few and M -. with another woman and with people I had only slept with M . since I met him - five years before - that - what do you think all were both attractive, fit, and I hope that good in bed, so I was not worried, but I knew he liked and I knew M would be different M -... Tonight was thrilled when he got home he asked if I had read the text I said yes and asked what he had discussed ' Now both seem to be interested to speak at a pH of R S in theone, while I was at work and asked if still interested. I knew not to talk S - we will call tonight and I want to make sure you are happy - and wanting to go for a weekend next meal, ' porn303 The phone rang at 8 - M said, and said his. welcome to flirt and - it must be S gave me the phone After jokes - S, said: ' so - what have conspired our men seem willing to make us all is you. '' Yes - I think ' ' B - you need to ensure that hundreds to be here, taking a big step here We are very interested in knowing. '' I'm very excited - the one thing I've been interested in - the little time we have discussed and agreed upon, and that depends on what you both are in '' We're nervous - they have an association has not been fulfilled, we want someone looking sex, then look for another pair later in the child support -.. Could be tempted to complete the swap, but you hear two men - I'm assuming I know lol I M 2 Girl ' This seemed to stop the ice - -' ERRM yes porn303 ' '. s - and R - and it will be a long night ! '' Yes - it - we all have a day off to recover, ' -. This was so taken the first steps he had agreed to meet with them in their needs to go on Saturday for a meal in a great. Italian restaurant in the area of ​​ Things past - that changed our lives Since this is my first story porn303 here -. like to porn303 know if I porn303 bring or stop now before thank too
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